Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A quilting farewell

Wow, time goes by so quickly. In a few short weeks we will be breaking for Thanksgiving and soon after returning exams will take place and the much anticipated Christmas break will be here! I can't say that I am not excited to see this semester end. It has been a difficult and stressful one but I am a little angry with time at how quickly it seems to just go by without asking any permission.

Since the end of the semester is nearing, I find it neecessary to recognize the fact that my blog will be ending. I can't imagine anyone being upset by this fact but the few readers I have had I just want to thank you for your comments. Many of them were encouraging to my initial efforts to start the blog for a school project and for that I thank you. One thing that I have gained from this project is that I was able to submerge myself into an online community of a craft that I thoroughly enjoy. I learned many interesting techniques and ideas like the apple core quilt and ways to make the pattern. Even though I will not be posting to my blog on a regular basis, I will continue to participate in what I see as a very valuable community of quilters.

Happy Quilting!

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