Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not Your Typical Quilter

Quilting is not just for your grandmother any more. The tides have changed and the demographics of quilters is full of variety and links together quilters with a common desire to create something wonderful.

For me, there has always been an interest in crafts of all sorts. The needle crafts were what I started with and eventually found my love, Quilting. When I was seven years old I visited my best friend's grandmother's house in the middle of no where in Eastern Texas. It was a quite TVless weekend where Laura and I learned to crochet from her Grandmother. All over the house I saw things she had made over the years. There was a large quilting rack for her to have hold the quilt in place as she stitched the quilt top. She did everything by hand which is a task to be applauded.I can remember looking at her quilting room and being in awe and thinking, there is no way I could ever do something so complicated.

That was my first encounter with quilting. As the stereotypes have said, I saw that quilting was a thing for our grandmother's so I refrained from sharing my enjoyment of it. Even when I began to learn how to quilt it was something I didn't share with my friends. But when they saw the quilts I made there was no judgement cast and I began to value my craft. As SCTimes says, the demographics have drastically changed. It is no longer just your mom and her mom doing the craft but now the group ranges from 9-year old boys all the way up to the group of older ladies. ManQuilter definitely eliminates the barriers of who can quilt. He is a great Long-Arm Quilter who thoroughly enjoys his craft.

I am here emphasize that it has all changed. The gates of quilting are open to anyone who wants to quilt. Quilting is constantly being improved on and new ideas are sprouting up everywhere from the minds of new and veteran quilters.

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  1. I've never really done any quilting myself, but I have always thought that quilting is something for somebody with a lot of patience and time on their hands. I guess whenever I saw a quilt I would automatically assume it was done by a gradma.I was looking through some of the quilt designs ans some of them look very complicated and labor intensive; It doesn't look like something the typical grand mother would make.